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Best Base For A Hot Tub Uk

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Best Base For A Hot Tub Uk

Hot tubs are heavy even without having water in them.. It's a good idea to reinforce the concrete with some rebar and layer the foundation with some form of .
A fully recycled plastic modular base system made in UK which creates a strong and durable hard standing hot tub base to suit all makes and models of spas .
Creating the perfect foundation for your hot tub. A hot tub must be placed on a solid level surface, which is capable to support the weight of the hot tub, the water .
. and can now buy a hot tub, but i have a question as i am unsure, what is the best base to use?. .
In this project we take a look at installing a hot tub or spa in your garden, including the different types of spa's, hot tubs, pools and steam rooms, what base you should lay your tub on and what benefits they can have to your. A south facing position is usually best.. . Swim Spas and Pools – Image courtesy of Hydropools UK.
X-Grid is perfect as a foundation for hot tubs and swim spas as it does not require. 420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British Testing; Manufactured in the UK .
The cement pad will be poured and the hot tub settled on top of it. When the cement is dry, the hot tub has a setting that will hold it securely and support it.
Hot tub installation advice. Your hot tub needs a good solid foundation, the area that your hot tub sits on must be able to support the weight of the tub, the water .
Spas and hot tubs originated in America but have been popular in the UK for many,. The spa will need a strong and level foundation; a concrete slab is best.

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