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Best Compost For Lawns

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Best Compost For Lawns

The best time to aerate and top-dress is early to mid-summer when your warm-season lawn (such as Bermuda grass) is actively growing. You should also apply compost top-dressing (without aeration) after overseeding your summer lawn with a cool-season grass (such as ryegrass) in the fall.
Lawns and Compost The arrival of summer reminds us that it's not too late to nourish your lawn the healthy way with organic compost from Planet Natural.
Using compost on grass, or topdressing, can be very beneficial. As always when you add organic matter to soil, it helps to improve the soil structure and add .
After aerating, spread 1/2 to 1 inch of compost over the lawn and work it in with a plastic leaf rake. While you're at it, this would be a good time to add your usual fall fertilizer. Finally, give the lawn a good watering to work the compost down into the holes. By the way, fall is about the best time to do this work.
Spreading a thin layer of compost on already-established lawn helps to revitalize the soil, adding organic material that invigorates grass. Worms and .
Organic Granular Compost Lawn Top Dressing. Traditional lawn top dressing involving bags or loads of soil delivered to your property is expensive and .

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