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Best Fir Trees For Landscaping

Best Fir Trees For Landscaping

Evergreens for difficult sites. Clay soil — arborvitae, Austrian pine, ponderosa pine, white fir. Sandy soil — Scotch pine, mugo pine, junipers. Wet soil — American arborvitae, balsam fir, black spruce. High pH — arborvitae, black hills spruce, mugo pine, ponderosa pine, junipers.
Conifers lend a sense of year-round beauty and structure to your landscape. Here are some of our favorite picks.
All Evergreen Trees. Spartan Juniper. Growing Zone: 5-9. Norway Spruce. Growing Zone: 2-7. Cryptomeria Radicans. Growing Zone: 5-9. Queen Palm. Growing Zone: 9-11 outdoors. Cedar Deodar. Growing Zone: 7-9. Robinâ„¢ Red Holly. Growing Zone: 6-9. White Spruce Tree. Growing Zone: 2-6. American Arborvitae. Growing Zone: 3-.
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Conifers, also known as narrow-leaved or needled evergreens, are planted. .. Junipers are among the best adapted landscape conifers and hence the most .

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