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Best Way To Clean Ipe Deck 2

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Best Way To Clean Ipe Deck 2

If you need to remove pollen or algae from your Ipe: you can make a cleaning solution. Mix 1 quart of bleach into a gallon of warm water. Use a scrub brush to work the solution into the boards. Rinse the entire deck again to ensure no residue seeps back into the wood.
Ipe deck cleaning solution: One Gallon warm water. 1 cup TSP. One Quart bleach (if you do not have mold or algae you can reduce the amount of bleach)
The Best IPE Deck Cleaners are cleaners that contain the active ingredient called Sodium. 2) wood brighter 3) sand. Can you clean the deck with these products, bring out some of the original color, but not have to re-seal or re-oil the Ipe?
Installing ipe decking boards requires special techniques because it is so hard to. Regularly sweeping it and washing it with a garden hose will keep it free of .
Maintenance can be done by lightly washing the deck with a deck cleaner and allowing it to dry. A thin maintenance coat of the same Ipe deck stain can then be .

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