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Bromine In Hot Tubs

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Bromine In Hot Tubs

The chemical “Bromine” is very similar to chlorine in the way that it kills bacteria and harmful contaminants, but the two chemicals react in different ways in the swimming pool water. Bromine is most commonly used to sanitize spas/hot tubs because it is more stable than chlorine in the warmer temperatures.
Bromine works in a very similar way to chlorine in relation to killing bacteria and harmful contaminants in hot tub water. Bromine is more stable in water at higher temperatures, which on top of the other benefits is why some hot tub owners have opted to use it.
Chlorine is one of the main disinfecting products for hot tub water. It does those two jobs. It'll disinfect the water and kill any of the bacteria. And it also oxidizes, .
There 2 popular options for sanitizers for a hot tub which is bromine & chlorine , read the advantages & disadvantages of both. hot tub chemicals advice.
How to Set up and Maintain Spa Water Bromine. It can be very easy to set up and maintain your hot tub or spa water with Bromine. Here are some easy steps to .
Which is better for hot tubs and spas, bromine or chlorine? Here's the facts, let's get ready to rumble.and now – Round One! Ding!
Bromine Spa Care: How to build a bromide bank in your spa or hot tub, and reactivate the ions into hypobromous acid.

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