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Can U Put A Hot Tub Indoors

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Can U Put A Hot Tub Indoors

Good luck & send me a photo of your indoor spa room when you're finished.. .. floor alone or could i put a roll of linoluem down to help protect the wooden floor, .
A basement works well as a spot for a hot tub. The concrete floor can handle the weight of the tub. But moving a hot tub indoors, to any room, presents some problems that can cause major damage to your home.
You have many challenges ahead of you in order to do it right!. I have to ask… why would you want to put your hot tub inside of your house in the first place?
Published By Hot Tub Reviewer 17th March 2015. You could put down a plastic sheet underneath and then place some old towels on top to help absorb nay .
The last thing you want to do is to relax in your hot tub and then slip on the floor. You should also ensure that the room that you are planning on putting your hot .

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