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Can You Change A Hot Tub To Saltwater

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Can You Change A Hot Tub To Saltwater

CONVERTING YOUR HOT TUB TO SALTWATER. You may have heard of the benefits of salt-water pools, and wondered if you can use the same technology in your hot tub. The good news is yes, you can!. During the filtration process, electricity is used to split the salt molecules into sodium and chlorine.
Not all hot tubs are good candidates for a saltwater conversion.. Your hot tub water won't be chlorine-free, and if the salt levels falls below a certain safe value, you may have to shock the water — significantly increase the chlorine levels to kill bacteria — with calcium hypochlorite or regular pool chlorine.
Salt water hot tub sanitization can be beneficial if you are willing to. This includes fun things to do in maintaining a salt water system like removing the “cell” and .
How to Convert a Bromine Spa to Saltwater. Using salt to sanitize. Install the saltwater system in your spa according to the manufacturer's instructions. Plug-in .

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