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Chemicals For Hot Tub

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Chemicals For Hot Tub

Spa chemistry is something that needn't make you anxious, and once you get the hang of it, most hot tubs will exhibit something of it's own chemical personality, .
What Chemicals Do I Need for a Spa or Hot Tub? Spa Sanitizer – Bromine or Chlorine. Spa pH increaser and decreaser. Spa Alkalinity and Calcium Increaser. Spa Shock – Chlorine or MPS.
Weekly maintenance. Test water for bromine (or chlorine), pH and alkalinity. Adjust pH to 7.6 – 8.2 and alkalinity to 100. Add 1 capful of stain and scale control and 1 ounce of a spa clarifier like Natural Clear.
This ultimate guide to hot tub water care covers the best way to keep hot tub water clean, going into details on hot tub and spa chemicals and their proper use.

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