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Chlorine Granules For Hot Tub

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Chlorine Granules For Hot Tub

Spa Choice Sanitizing Granules are designed to dissolve quickly and completely. Chlorine granules provide a steady source of available chlorine to spa water . : Hot Tub Things Chlorine Granules 2 Pounds – Effective Spa Water Disinfectant : Garden & Outdoor.
Jacuzzi Direct Hot Tub Chlorine Granules. To be used as a sanitiser to disinfect Hot Tubs. This is top grade chlorine, suitable for Hot Tubs or pools. Tested and .
1kg. Sanitiser for hot tubs – easy to use ultra-fine graded chlorine granules. Chlorine (especally graded for hot tubs) is a very effective sanitiser for all hot tubs.
Use Spa Pure Granular Chlorine to quickly and easily increase your hot tub's chlorine level and sanitize the water. No pre-dissolving necessary. Free shipping .
Your choice of sanitiser for your Hot Tub, Spa or Pool is important, as it's the main defence. Stabilised Chlorine Granules are a near pH-neutral spa sanitiser.
Chlorine granules rapidly produce free active chlorine to kill bacteria and. 1kg chlorine granules for swimming pool and hot tubs Spas pure quality product.
Sodium Dichlor Granular Chlorine (granular spa shock). to install plug-in system for hot tubs, which automatically produces pure chlorine from mineral salts.

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