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Clean Deck With Bleach 3

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Clean Deck With Bleach 3

Contrary to popular belief, chlorine bleach is not a great cleaner for a wood deck.. . 3. Don't use power washers or chlorine bleach to wash your deck. Power .
Regular Clorox Bleach is not the best way to clean a wood deck.. Step 3. Spray small areas of the deck at a time. Scrub as necessary with the push broom to .
Wood decks can build up dirt, mold and mildew that discolor the surface.. 3. Saturate the deck thoroughly with the cleaning solution, using the mist setting on .
In under half an hour, you can mix up a batch of homemade deck cleaner, apply it. Into the bucket, add 2 cups of powdered oxygen bleach (e.g., OxiClean, found. STEP 3: Generously apply the cleaning solution, then scrub to a light lather.

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