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Cleaning Concrete Pool Deck

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Cleaning Concrete Pool Deck

Step 2 – Scrub Your Concrete Pool Deck. With your cleaning solution properly applied, it's now time to scrub. Using a hard-bristled scrub broom, purge any dirt, mildew, or grime from the concrete surface. Make sure to apply a little extra elbow grease if you encounter any stubborn stains or deposits.
How to Clean a Concrete Pool Deck. Fill a cleaning bucket with water and bleach, using a cup of bleach for each cup of water. Hose off the pool deck with the garden hose. Pour about two quarts of the bleach and water solution onto the deck; then scrub the deck with a long-handled scrub brush. Rinse the deck once more.
Next apply the right Chemical, like our 532 Concrete Cleaner to your pool deck, depending on what you are trying to get off and what type of material it is made .
Triple Crown Concrete Pool Deck Cleaner – 1 Gallon. +. Cool Decking Pool Deck Paint – Coating for Concrete and Decks – Waterproof Concrete Paint that. +.

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