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Composite Deck Cleaning Bleach

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Composite Deck Cleaning Bleach

Use a broom to remove snow from your composite decking. Never use a Chlorine Bleach based deck cleaner. Chlorine Bleach is extremely corrosive and will eat away at your deck eventually causing discoloration of your decking, damage the surface, and intensify any mold issues that can occur.
Spray deck with soap, then follow by gently scrubbing each deck board with a soft bristle brush. Spray/rinse each individual deck board using a fan tip no closer than 8" from the decking surface. RINSE THOROUGHLY. If dirty water from cleaning is left to dry, this will cause a film to remain on the decking surface.
How to Clean a Composite Deck. Composite decking has become an extremely popular material for outdoor decks. Because your deck is exposed to the .
How to Clean a Deck with Bleach. Decks are a great addition to any house and enable a homeowner to enjoy and experience nature more often. Unfortunately .
Composite Deck Cleaner uses a unique oxygen bleach technology combined with active cleaning ingredients which when mixed with water releases oxygen, .
My four best homemade deck cleaners with all the information you need to know to clean. If you have a lot of algae and mildew, then choose a cleaner with plenty of bleach.. This solution is also a good homemade composite deck cleaner.

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