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Compost Systems For Homes

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Compost Systems For Homes

The first decision you must make to compost at home is what type of compost bin or system to use. The cheapest way to compost is to throw your waste into an open-air bin constructed of wood pallets, wire, brick blocks, or other scrap materials.
More than 90 reference plants worldwide show evidence that we are a successful Know-How supplier in the composting and waste.
What products to compost. Carbon Rich Material "Browns" Cardboard (free of dyes) Corn stalks. Fruit waste. Leaves. Newspaper. Peat Moss. Nitrogen Rich Material "Greens" Alfalfa/Clover/Hay. Algae. Coffee grounds. Kitchen food waste. Garden waste. ​Things to Avoid. Meats. Bones. Fats/oils/grease. ​Diseased plant material..
Here are several easy options for home composting. 01 of 05. Simple Wire Compost Bin. Steve Hamilton/Photolibrary/Getty Images. 02 of 05. Plastic Storage Bin Composter. Colleen Vanderlinden. 03 of 05. Trash Can Composter. . 04 of 05. Lasagna Gardening, AKA Sheet Composting. Colleen Vanderlinden. 05 of 05..
Engineered Compost Systems designs and supports commercial industrial composting facilities recycle food waste, green waste, and biosolids into quality .
Traditionally, home composting systems have been outdoor ventures involving piles or heaps. Although this method offers more flexibility in terms of the amount .

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