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Composting With A Tumbler

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Composting With A Tumbler

Using your compost tumbler appears to be easy. Load it to capacity, add inoculant — something to jumpstart the process with the needed microbes such as a spadeful of garden soil, manure, a commercial activator or already finished compost — and turn it every couple days. But for best results, a little care is required.
Activate by adding a bit of compost, soil, horse manure or purchased compost activator. Add a balanced mix of materials with a Carbon Nitrogen ratio of about 25. Make your compost a batch at a time – or more simply stop adding materials and let the process complete. Keep moist – as wet as a squeezed out sponge.
Compost tumblers spare the gardener one of the most arduous tasks in composting: 'turning' the compost pile. In open compost bins where there is room to .
Composting provides benefits to the home gardener, such as encouraging higher crop yields and reducing pests. But commercially prepared compost can be .
While you can achieve all the benefits of compost using traditional piles or bins, a compost tumbler speeds up the process and keeps your yard looking neat.

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