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Concrete Hot Tub Pad Cost

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Concrete Hot Tub Pad Cost

Depending on concrete costs in your area and whether they can reach it with a ready-mix truck or have to borrow it, and how much surface prep. Installing a Hot Tub is Less Expensive Than You Might Think! We are often asked how much you can save by using EZ Pads instead of. Not quite two months ago, I had a 7′ x 8′ pad poured for $600 in. paid $350 plus the cost of concrete and I did the rebar and forming myself. If this is not done your concrete pad may settle. Just got an estimate to lay down a 10X10 slab of concrete for me to put a portable hot tub on. include the gravel for the sub-base or the cost to come back strip the forms etc. Installing a saltwater chlorine generator system for your hot tub will cost $500-$1,500, depending on the option you choose, and the type of hot tub involved. Built-in hot tubs require more expensive generators that are closer to $1,500 while standalone styles for above ground hot tubs are closer to$500. According to our concrete slab material estimator, the average minimum cost per square foot of a concrete slab is $1.36 and the maximum is $1.88. Common types include brick, paver, natural stone, and cantilevered concrete. As for the waterline tile, costs average $600 to $800 for a hot tub. Poured concrete: $9-$20 per square foot, depending on site accessibility, from CLC Contractors in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. For an 8-by-8-foot concrete pad, this could cost$576-$1,280 or more.

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