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Concrete Slab Design For Hot Tub

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Concrete Slab Design For Hot Tub

If you choose to place your hot tub on a concrete slab, you’ll have to build something more substantial than a normal 4-inch concrete pad, due to the weight. Jacuzzi hot tub on a concrete slab with steps and cover lifter. A collection of beautiful, awesome, or just plain fascinating inground pool designs. C. G. · Hot Tub! The hot tub sits on a stone design concrete base with surrounding decking, veranda complimenting the synthetic cabinet to the hot tub perfectly. Hot Tub Suppliers. Q. I recently purchased a home in NC (eastern, frost not a concern) that came with a sunken hot tub in the sunroom/deck area. Sounds nice, but original.   While it might seem like it’s a simple process of throwing down a slab and building a hot tub on it, there’s a little more to those first steps than. Pouring a hot tub pad is a straightforward process, but it requires at least two. The standard concrete slab slope is 1/4 inch per linear foot. Hi, I’ve had my spa since the summer, about 7 months now, and we’ve found those sponge things seem to work at keeping the foam from. The concrete slab for the hot tub would need to be a minimum of 4 inches or 10cm’s thick, ideally 6” or 15cm. It’s a good idea to reinforce the concrete with some. When designing the right slab and mix for a hot tub there are a few considerations. The most important one is the subgrade. Average residential concrete mix.

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