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Convert Hot Tub To Gas Heater

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Convert Hot Tub To Gas Heater

Good Answer: I would suggest finding out how much electricity your hot tub is using to see if the considerable investment in a gas heater would .
In the old days, all hot tub heaters were gas-fired heaters; small pool heaters specifically. And most hot tubs were not hot all the time, and not covered with a thick .
If you can make yourself a cup of tea just by turning on your faucet, you need to lower your water heater. You'll help the planet and save money on your heating .
I then had a somewhat viable gas water heater on hand. Why not use it to heat water for the hot tub? The hot tub is located in the back yard lower patio, and the .
In many installations, where the hot tub is being heated via an electric heater, the. than double the cost of gas per kWh*, it's no surprise that many hot tub users .

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