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Cost To Move A Hot Tub

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Cost To Move A Hot Tub

Wondering how much it will cost to hire hot tub movers to move our hot tub, spa or jacuzzi? Hot tub movers are specialized moving companies. Using hot tub .
The company who sold the hot tub will usually set this up. If you're arranging to move the hot tub to a new home, then you will have to set up the move yourself. Depending on the size, there are a few options: Professional large pallet mover & delivery truck — $200 to $300 (includes operator and the truck)
Hot Tub SOS offers a reliable and efficient Hot Tub and Spa relocation. A Hot Tub removal cost will vary depending on the collection and delivery locations.
It would have cost about $300 more to pay the electrician to do all the work.. To move the spa I borrowed a similar cart from my old apartment .
Learn tips on how to move a hot tub and detailed steps/instructions for the best hot tub move.
Call us today on 023 9354 1154 to book a hot tub move.. from a heavy locking system, CCTV and alarm straight to the police all for a low weekly storage fee.
It may be cheaper to move the hot tub yourself, but there are some other factors involved that hopefully won't, but could, become additional costs and casualties .

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