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Cost To Remove In Ground Hot Tub

Cost To Remove In Ground Hot Tub

Spa Removers Pricing Page. Below is detailed information on how we price each job: 1. Aboveground spas usually have the pump and heating equipment. We can usually get your spa out in 45 to 90 minutes, and we pressure-wash the area where the spa was.” Cost varies by job, but Fehrenbach estimated $300$350 for above-ground spas and $450$475 for in-ground. “That price includes removal, clean-up, electrical work, and dump fees.” The average price to remove a swimming pool falls between $3,000 and $10,000. The cost to eliminate an above ground model averages $2,700. About $450 – $600+ (for in-ground spas with separate pump and. A professional spa removal company’s main cost factors are fuel, labor, The cost of removal for your hot tubspa or above ground pool depends on the size, condition, manufacturer and how difficult it will be to remove. Call your local. Call Go Junk Free America to know the pricing for spa and hot tub removal. We assess your above-ground spa or hot tub based on its size, access to the site, Spa Removal Expectations | Go Junk Free America . of space your hot tub and its components take up in the truck – no hidden costs or variable fees. about your spa & hot tub, such as whether it’s an above-ground or in-ground unit, it’s size, Learn the differences between inground and above ground hot tubs and see. The proximity of a hot tub to the house will dictate how much the spa gets used. Typically, two people are needed to remove an inground spa cover.

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