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Diy Insulated Hot Tub Cover

Diy Insulated Hot Tub Cover

Here is my design for my DIY spa cover that I need to make. I. Jacuzzi Covers, Hot Tub Cover, Stock Tank. Insulating your tub for Winter will save a bundle!
DIY spa covers? Yes – you can make your own hot tub cover with less than $100 in items from a hardware store. Read it all – and don't say I didn't warn you!
If you want to be environmentally friendly, a solar hot tub cover keeps the water clean and warm. Investigate materials that will insulate the hot tub without .
They are also good for insulating the water temperature so your tub doesn't have to. Finally, place your DIY cover on top of your hot tub and let it do its job.
We put in a hot tub a few summers ago and the cover that came with it was old,. made a roll up cover with an insulated pad and some beautiful wood beams.
When we got our hot tub it came with a nice insulated cover. What we did not count on was that my daughter's pit bull puppy would love to tear it up. Our hot tub .
I have made a Hot Tub / Spa cover for under $100.. . This cover is for the DIY person.. 2" of styrofoam really isnt enough insulation though.

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