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Gfci Breaker For Hot Tub Keeps Tripping

Gfci Breaker For Hot Tub Keeps Tripping

Shut off the power and feel for warm components, including the GFCI. Replace any hot items. – Inspect the heater element and replace if it is corroded or has imperfections. The element is a common cause for tripping the breaker because the shielding value can change as the element heats and expands.
Your hot tub heater may be corroded or otherwise damaged. Problems with the heating elements are among the most common causes of GFCI issues. Inspect your heater for visible signs of damage, and try operating your hot tub with the heater disconnected to see if the GFCI problem reoccurs.
Our hot tub is tripping the gfci about every two weeks.. .. I thought right away that the indoor GFCI breaker tripped, but within a second, the .
Tagged as: Hot Tub, hot tub breakers, hot tub gfci, hot tub tripping beaker, Spa,. For some reason my Dream Maker X600 spa keeps tripping a breaker every .

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