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Grounding Hot Tub Concrete Slab

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Grounding Hot Tub Concrete Slab

The mesh will be grounded to the hottub wiring.. You can put wood (such as decking) on the slab under the spa and out to the 3' perimeter. .. result in a shock when a person standing on the concrete pad touches the water.
This is how to build a spa pad on a steep incline. It shows how to cut the upper part of the box into the ground.
You would want it to cover the entire slab of concrete or 5 feet beyond the. For electrical grounding purposes, the rebar or mesh should be. Make sure to run a insulated ground wire with the other conductors to the tub.
Information about the installation of a Spa or hottub.. foundation: if you choose to pour a concrete slab, make it at least 10 centimeters thick.. be connected to two power generators who have to be grounded separately and must include .
With some advance preparation, delivery of your new hot tub will be a breeze. We've prepared this. Outdoor hot tub placement, such as decks, concrete or brick patios, is common. However, the hot. . Proper grounding is extremely important.

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