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Hot Tub Chemical Cost Per Month

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Hot Tub Chemical Cost Per Month

Depending on your spa usage, traditional water care can typically cost about $20/month.
Therefore, I'll have to buy two more boxes for $50 each to cover the remaining eight months. Therefore, the total cost is roughly $150 / year. Hot tub chemical .
He told us about $30 a month, maybe a little more when it was cold outside.. A full set of monitoring strips and chemicals cost $100, and will last about two months.. The cost of upkeep and repairing a hot tub can be hundreds of dollars.
Other operating costs of a hot tub include purchasing spa chemicals. The cost of chemicals per month largely depends upon the size of the spa, frequency of .
Adding balancing chemicals every three months when the tub is refilled with. but on average, the cost per month to heat a hot tub is 40 cents per heating hour.

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