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Hot Tub Drain Plug

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Hot Tub Drain Plug

Add our Exterior Spa Drain Valve for quick & easy hot tub water draining. Avoid the hassle of removing a spa cabinet panel to access a cumbersome internal .
How to Use a Hot Tub Drain Plug. Turn off the power to the hot tub before draining the water. Grasp the cap on the drain plug and pull outward to extend the drainage tube. Screw a length of garden hose onto the end of the drain plug. Push the end of the drain tube back in toward the hot tub.
Hot tub drain valves and drain parts for hooking up a garden hose to drain the hot tub using a gravity drain. Some drains come with caps.
Spa filter plugs, locks, drains and knob index for hot tubs at the spa parts store of Ez Hot Tubs. Pentair R172224X Black Drain and Vent Valve Re, 172224X
A hot tub can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind but sometimes you have to figure out where the tub drain is located to perform maintenance.

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