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Hot Tub Foam Insulation

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Hot Tub Foam Insulation

Covers can range from 1.0 lb. and 2.0 in foam density. The higher the number, the better hot tub insulation it will offer. Most manufacturers use 2.0 lb core density .
Some hot tubs are foam insulated while some have an air space between the vinyl shell and the cabinet. Is one better than the other and if so, why?
If the manufacturer has not provided at least 2″ of foam, FOAM IT GREEN®. Choose our closed cell, fire retardant formula for insulating your hot tub, pool, .
How to Remove Foam Insulation From a Hot Tub. If you own a hot tub and decide to tackle a repair on your own, you may discover the tub has insulation .
“Full foam insulation consists of filling the area between the shell and cabinet sub floor completely with a thick layer of solid, rigid foam. Over 70% of hot tubs .

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