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Hot Tub Water Chemistry Maintenance

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Hot Tub Water Chemistry Maintenance

The term soft water refers to water with little or no levels of calcium. Calcium is important in spa/hot tub chemistry since high levels are particularly unstable in warm water such as typical of spa/hot tubs. As water temperature rises, calcium becomes more likely to precipitate out of solution.
UNDERSTANDING WATER CHEMISTRY……………..……PAGES 7-10. An overview of the components that make up hot tub water chemistry and how these .
Use your test strips- a well balanced spa should be between 80-120 PPM in total alkalinity.. It is important to maintain your alkalinity first because it affects your pH. Use chlorine or bromine to sanitize your hot tub. Make sure to use test strips to maintain the correct chemical levels.
By keeping in mind the basic ABCs of spa water chemistry, you'll be assured a. After reading this section, go to Preparation & Maintenance for complete .
Learn how to understand spa and hot tub water chemistry, sanitation, pH,. get a handle on what water balance means, and how you can maintain it, let's look, .
***If you are new to water maintenance, test your spa water daily to ensure you have a proper sanitizer level. If you are using an ozonator, you can keep the .
Hot tub chemicals, hot tub water care and the maintenance of the filters in your spa explained in easy to follow steps.

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