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House Plants With Variegated Leaves

House Plants With Variegated Leaves

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Blushing Bromeliad. Although small purple flowers form in the center of blushing bromeliad's vase, the variegated foliage is the star attraction and source of its common name. Leaves have saw-tooth edges, so take care when handling the plant. Water the central vase rather than the soil.
Pothos. This low-maintenance vine is also commonly called pothos, and is often confused with heartleaf philodendron. Like philodendron, devil's ivy has heart-shape leaves and can be grown as a mounding tabletop plant, in a hanging basket, or trained upright on a pole.
Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) trees are tall, broad-leafed plants that are enjoying a. of blade-shaped leaves that range from deep olive to variegated green with .
Make your indoor gardening simple by choosing any of these durable, easy-to-grow plants.

Gallery of House Plants With Variegated Leaves

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