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How To Maintain A Hot Tub Without Chemicals

How To Maintain A Hot Tub Without Chemicals

Here's how. Replace Your Filter Cartridge More Frequently. Drain Your Spa or Hot Tub More Frequently. Ozone + Minerals. For a spa that doesn't use chlorine or bromine, you need something to kill bather waste and bacteria. Non-Chlorine Shock. Ozone + minerals can do most of the job. Keep Your Spa Water Balanced.
One of the realities of owning a hot tub is keeping the water clean and sanitary. Along with a good filtration system, keeping your water in a usable and safe .
Throw away your toxic spa chemicals and replace them with a single bottle of. need a shelf full of expensive, smelly, toxic chemicals to maintain your spa.. or toxic chemicals that keeps your spa clear, clean and odorless without testing.
Fed up with the battle of keeping your hot tub water pH level balanced and pouring. .. Jets rotate unhindered without the use of yet another chemical to remove .
Hot tubs or spas can be used for relaxing, parties, even physical therapy.. (baking soda) brings the acid level down to maintain a perfect PH balance.. Other mechanical means can be used to purify hot tub water without chemicals.

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