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How To Make Cork Coasters With Pictures

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How To Make Cork Coasters With Pictures

Easty to make, these DIY Photo Coasters will keep your favorite photos nearby and totally. DIY CORK PICTURE COASTERS .
Handmade Coasters. Step 1: Materials. Assemble your materials: Step 2: Cut. Cut out circles of paper the same size as your coasters. Step 3: Glue. Coat the cork coasters with a layer of Mod Podge. Step 4: Coat. Apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of the papered coaster. Step 5: Dry and Repeat. Step 6: Coast. 21.
Lacy and sophisticated DIY coasters – Mod Podge Rocks Scraps of lace can make a cool effect on the surface of these easy decoupage DIY coasters. Learn how .
Explore Gin Klima's board "cork coasters how to make your own" on Pinterest. See more ideas about. All sizes 021 Flickr – Photo Sharing! Flower Pot Crafts .
How to Make Wine Cork Coasters. Celebrate your affinity for wine by creating these ultra absorbent wine cork coasters. These two projects are easy and allow .

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