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How To Make Wooden Wind Chimes

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How To Make Wooden Wind Chimes

How to Make a Bamboo Wind Chime. Wind chimes, a decorative piece that can liven up your home, can be made from a variety of materials such as ceramic .
Make Bamboo Wind Chimes. Supplies and First Cut. You will need dried, seasoned bamboo. Cut Out the Clapper. Measure four inches up from the bottom of one of the 15 inch pieces. Split the Bamboo. Cut the Long Pieces. Drill the Holes. Drill Holes in Clapper. Check for Splinters. Tie on the Hanger.
Sharpen them up to different lengths and attach them to a wooden ruler. Voilà—you have a delightful wind chime you can really write home about!
not quite as loud as their aggressive metallic brethren, these wooden chimes let out gentle clunking sounds in.
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Made using locally sourced bamboo and coconut shell. Hung using durable nylon twine. White Floral – 50cm long. Available in 6 designs Duck – 40cm long .
Wooden Heart Wind Chime: I made this for my girlfriend for Valentine's day, but there's never a bad time to give your girlfriend (or boyfriend, or anyone) a .

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