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Landscape Fabric Under Stone Mulch

Landscape Fabric Under Stone Mulch

Landscape fabric was placed under all of it! Landscape fabric is really only good for one application. This is when you want to use stone (such as river stone or decomposed granite) instead of mulch.
Rocks, crushed stone and similar inorganic materials are prized as groundcovers. Properly installing landscape fabric before spreading rocks out over the area will. will tuck the fabric under any edging material you install later to prevent leaving a. Cornell University Department of Horticulture: Mulches for Landscaping .
Fabric Weed Mat Gives Superior Weed Control. Weed Barrier Pro is a super-tough, 3-1/2 oz. polypropylene fabric weed mat, strong and specially designed for use beneath bark mulch, crushed stone, gravel, or paving stones. Similarity in color to bark mulch results in less obvious bare spots too.

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