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Make Your Own Coasters With Photos

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Make Your Own Coasters With Photos

Easty to make, these DIY Photo Coasters will keep your favorite photos nearby and totally display-worthy! Sorta like old-school photo albums, only more useful!
Photo coasters are a great option for personalized gift giving or showcasing your art or photography in a unique way. Make your own high-gloss, cork-backed .
Why spend tons of money on gifts when you can make personalized photo coasters at home for less than half the price? All you will need is a few things and a .
Perfect for any special day, a set of these tile photo coasters will cost less than $5 to make. The square tiles from your local home goods store makes this DIY a .
Turn your favorite family photos into gorgeous DIY photo coasters! This project is an easy handmade gift idea that costs less than $5.00 to make!
Customize with your favorite photos and receive FREE shipping on orders over $39!. Photo Gallery. Coasters. From $19.99 $11.99. Family Love Joy. Coasters. . as somewhere to simply set a beer down, check out all the DIY craft activities .

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