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Mushroom Compost For Garden

Mushroom Compost For Garden

What is Mushoroom compost, it's for home gardens! By The Gardener's Network.
Working compost into your garden improves soil texture and drainage and adds nutrients to the soil. If used as a mulch, compost also controls weeds and helps .
Mushroom compost can often be bought cheaply in bulk for use as a soil conditioner or mulch. It is usually available as 'spent' mushroom compost, referring to .
DIY Network explains how mushroom compost, after being used to grow mushrooms commercially, can be a wonderful addition to your garden.
I'm getting sick of gardening solely in pots, so I think I might spend my tax return on finally doing raised beds. plus it's a good excuse to get into .
When the mushrooms have finished cropping, what remains is an ideal compost for the home garden., the compost in which the mushrooms are grown is vital.

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