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Outdoor Fire Pit On Wood Deck

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Outdoor Fire Pit On Wood Deck

To use a wood-burning fire pit safely on a flammable deck, start by creating a no-burn zone beneath and around the fire pit. Position the fire pit away from furniture, railings, or plants that could catch fire. Install some kind of a flame-resistant surface to hold the fire pit and catch sparks.
Fire pits are an awesome source for efficient outdoor heat while being a center of entertainment for your outdoor area. However, many people think they are limi.
Outdoor Deck Ideas – As soon as you finished design the interior of the house, you will start. Deck with fire pit (stones in deck) callie10 Fire Pit On Wood Deck,.
It is not safe to place a wood burning fire pit on top of a wooden, composite, or vinyl deck unless it has been okayed by the manufacturer and city code, and is placed on top of a non-combustible base. If a non-combustible base is not used, sparks and embers can fly out, land on the deck, and potentially start a fire.
Shop Wayfair for the best deck safe fire pit.. This outdoor, wood burning Cross weave Steel Wood Fire Pit design provides ample of room for the perfect size fire .

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