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Rodent Proof Compost Bin

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Rodent Proof Compost Bin

This is the easiest and cheapest composter design we've come up with for keeping rodents out of our compost. We made the traditional compost bin out of .
We interviewed Urban Farm Plans and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance about community composting.
easy rat proof compost Garden Compost, Garden Pests, Raised Vegetable Gardens, Chicken Garden. . Stuf-Fit Copper Mesh Sealing Hole by Rodent – Roll.
A rodentproof, collapsible, compost bin adapted from The Rodale Book of Composting. I used untreated wood and and a boiled linseed natural finish.
Rat-trapping compost bin disposes of rodent problem. August 12, 2018 by Kate Guthrie. An escape-proof, rotating, fast-acting compost bin… Hannah knew .

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