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Sand Base For Hot Tub

Sand Base For Hot Tub

If the hot tub is to be positioned outside in a specially built enclosure, it could lie on a concrete foundation. It might need a shallow bed of sand to fill the spaces .
A full hot tub is heavy, and if it's simply placed on the ground, it may shift and settle. A relatively level area is best, and the tub base should be located relatively. A good way to do this is to lay a long board across sections of the sand and lay .
Paver stones provide a durable and attractive base for a hot tub.. it is level and compact so a layer of gravel and sand can be placed beneath the stones.
Before we get into the materials we use for a hot tub base we need to first understand the characteristics of a portable spa filled with water.A hot tub dry just .
This is a guide on how to prepare for a hot tub delivery. It covers the base and electrical requirements you'll need for your new hot tub.

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