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Used Hot Tub Prices

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Used Hot Tub Prices

For sale is a used balboa Hot Tub. I brought this item 8 weeks ago from a company who recondition hot tubs. I paid £1500 delivery. We purchased the hot tub for .
Once you add in the cost of the tub itself — which for Cater ranges from free to $500 — and the cost of new covers and filters (standard with his used tubs), and he estimates he spends roughly $1,100 to $1,200 on each used hot tub. But on the floor, they sell for $2,500 to $4,500.
Often, used hot tubs can even be purchased from a certified dealership for a lower sticker price than a new one. For many, a used spa seems like a great .
The spas at Hot Tub Works are priced like a Chevy, in the $4-$7000 range. Recognized brand names like Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Baja and others are sold at Cadillac prices, in the $8-$12000 range. It is best to know the original purchase price of the spa (not including delivery/installation).
Chances are, there is a used hot tub for sale near you, somewhere between like- new and beyond repair. Whether you shop at a dealer or the classifieds, you .
Don't get saddled with someone else's problem. Do you want a hot tub that works perfectly, but without the big price tag? I rebuild used hot tubs from the ground .
If you are weary about spending $5000-$15000 for a brand new hot tub or simply cannot afford new tub prices then the used hot tub market can be a great .
To determine the actual value and get the best price for your used spa, you'll have to consider not only the physical condition of your spa but also its features and .

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