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Water Garden Plants For Shade

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Water Garden Plants For Shade

Floating Plants. Azolla caroliniana (Fairy Moss) – This is a small free floater with green and red foliage. It is hardy zones 8-11. Limnobium spongia (Frogbit) – This floater has small round leaves and is hardy zones 6-11. Pistia stratioites (Water Lettuce) – The leaves of this floater resemble lettuce leaves.
Mar 28, 2018- Various types of gardens and plants, including water gardens & water features, shade plants and moss. See more ideas about Gardening, .
Some plants that do well in shady ponds include: Water Hyacinths (foliage) Water Lettuce.
"Water Plants that Tolerate Shade". Plants mentioned by Dr. Jerry Parsons on the Weekend Gardener segment televised on August 7, 1998 included:.
Add natural beauty to your water garden with the top-performing varieties.. Growing Conditions: Part to full shade, pondside. Size: To 18 inches tall. Zones: 4-8.
Some Nelumbo Lotus will grow and bloom with as little as four-five hours of sunlight although not many flowers will be produced. Some other plants that will tolerate a shady water garden setting are Impatiens, Compact Papyrus, Ferns, Joseph's Coat, Chinese Lizard's Tail, Coleus and Blue Flag Iris.
While water lilies typically grow best and produce the most blooms in full sun, there are some varieties that perform well when gron in partial shade.
For those situations, our plant choices may appear to be limited but by carefully selecting plants for shady ponds, beautiful water gardens can still be obtained.

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