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Water Treatment For Hot Tub

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Water Treatment For Hot Tub

When shopping for a hot tub, you will find that many hot tub manufacturers offer a variety of water care options so that you can choose the system that fits your .
Shock weekly or as needed. Our product is compatible with bromine, chlorine, ozonator, non chlorine shock (MPS) and UV systems. To be more environmental we suggest using Spa Chlorine Granules (99% Sodium Dichlor) as a shock, because this particular type of chlorine quickly dissipates in hot circulating water.
When adjusting hot tub chemical levels, add one chemical to the water, and then wait a full two. Use Ozone as a shock treatment if you use mineral sanitizers.
Initial treatment to fresh water. Once the temperature of your hot tub reaches about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), you can start adding chemicals.
Our water care range is designed to help with hot tub water treatment, with products including AquaChek test strips and Silver Ion Cartridges. If you're looking for .
Alkalinity, Draining Your Hot Tub. pH Level, Alternative Water Care Systems. Sanitizers, Saltwater Systems. Shock Treatment .

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