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Wind Chimes For Children

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Wind Chimes For Children

Just yesterday, my toddler was outside banging on the wind chime that we have hanging in our yard. He loves to find his shovel and knock the chimes together.
Today I'm sharing a fun Summer project for the kids. We made DIY Wind Chimes for Crafts Unleashed! This is the first time we have worked on a wind chime .
Wind Chime Crafts for Kids. Turn an old colander into a beautiful beaded wind chime. Make a wind chime out of buttons. Add color to your garden with a rainbow stick wind chime. Make a wind chime from old keys.
Garden Wind Chimes. Old gardening pot. Water-proof string (we used leather lace) Assorted beads. Paint (we used up some almost-empty bottles) 2 washers. Kitchen tray. Waterproof sealer spray, optional. Metal keys, etc, optional.

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