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Building Codes For Decks 2

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Building Codes For Decks 2

Step 2: Permit Issued. Upon issuance of your deck permit you will be provided a Building Permit Placard for you to post on your property to identify the location of .
the NBC will be referenced as the building code. All information in. 2. One copy of the deck plan is required. This plan details how the deck will be constructed.
Height of guardrails: 36” (decks > 2'-0”) □. 42” (decks >. *Columns for decks over 2'-0” high must be laterally. Building permits are required for all decks except.
building permit (when required), or simply to aid you in constructing a deck that does not. . land use, zoning, or other regulations that may affect your project. 2.
BUILDING PERMITS: Building Permits are required for all decks that are. To be sure that a Building Permit has been issued for this construction project. 2.
Deck Requirements. A building permit is required for any deck constructonn and tte ounty is. stair rowd Example: 2" x 2"n 2" roundn or 2" x 4" on edged.
Drawing requirements for a building permit application. 1. A copy of. 2. Deck drawings (Building centre drawings or hand drawn to scale and dimensioned) a.
DECK. BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION GUIDE. Issued: February 2016. Revised:. Building permit applications are broken down into 2 major requirements;.
Building permits are required for decks exceeding 30 inches above grade or. Two (2) copies of construction plans showing proposed designs and materials.
of homework on your part, your deck permits can be. Not bearing on ground with a slope greater than 2 feet horizontal for every 1 foot vertical. A building permit is required for all decks that are more than 30 inches above the ground at any .

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