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Common House Plants With Large Leaves

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Common House Plants With Large Leaves

Grow these no-fuss houseplants to bring life and color to your home.. Fiddle leaf fig is a beautiful tree that gets its common name comes from the. Heart-leaf philodendron is a durable foliage plant that has long been the backbone of indoor .
A – Z List of house plants provided at species that's easy to grow indoors which can grow over 1m tall with large toothed leaves.
20 Super-Easy Houseplants You'll Love. Aloe. Aloe (Aloe spp.), an easy-care succulent, has distinctive elongated leaves that fan out in a vase shape from a central base. Anthurium. Asparagus fern. Peace lily. Peperomia. Snake plant. Cast-iron plant. Christmas cactus.
Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) trees are tall, broad-leafed plants that are enjoying. . Learning about the common house plants can help you decide what to select.
See more ideas about Indoor plants, Large indoor planters and Big indoor plants.. Learn about the right growing requirements and fiddle leaf fig care below.

Gallery of Common House Plants With Large Leaves

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