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Concrete Base For A Hot Tub

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Concrete Base For A Hot Tub

The base for the hot tub. Hot tubs are heavy even without having water in them. A large hot tub full of water can weigh upwards of 2 tonnes, so a suitable level base is vital. The most common base is a concrete foundation.
How to Build a Concrete Slab for a Hot Tub. Stake out the perimeter of the slab you want to pour. Excavate the concrete pad area 6 inches deep. Build the forms for the footings by placing the 2-by-10 lumber around the outside of the trench and securing them with wooden stakes. Dump 2 inches of gravel into the trench.
Before we get into the materials we use for a hot tub base we need to first. . Using a solid base material we install a complete concrete paver bloc patio using .
The slab doesn't need to be level, the hot tub does. Carefully determine. An option is to use paver blocks over a suitable base. The slab can .
Hi I need to make a base for a fairly large hot tub. The size is 2.4M x 2.4M and I'm aiming for a 100mm base thickness. Could someone please.

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