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Easiest Way To Maintain Hot Tub Water

Easiest Way To Maintain Hot Tub Water

Method 1. Testing and Applying Chemicals to Your Spa. Use test strips to check the chemical and mineral levels in your spa. Add one chemical to your spa at a time. Check total alkalinity first. Use chlorine or bromine to sanitize your hot tub. Check for calcium hardness. Check the pH levels last. Shock your spa.
1. Sanitising. This can be done using either Chlorine, Bromine or an approved Non–chlorine or bromine alternative, to ensure that the hot tub water stays healthy along with preventing and killing bacteria. Chlorine – A traditional method which can be in either granules or small tablet form.
How to clean and maintain hot tubs, maintain water balance, sanitize and chemical safety tips.. This guide has been written with the view of making you hot tub water extremely safe, you may find. . Store chemicals in a cool and dry place.
This means testing the spa water 2-4 times per week and making. just turning the filter body counter clockwise is the usual method to access the filter cartridge.

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