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Gator High Lift Lawn Mower Blades

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Gator High Lift Lawn Mower Blades

The high lift on the Gator Mulcher draws the grass up, giving it a clean, even cut Other mulching blades push grass down, often resulting in an uneven, ragged cut. The high lift also makes using the Gator Mulcher in bagging operations an excellent choice.
The Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 blade unique design has revolutionized the way blades mulch grass clippings. The angle of the Gator teeth redirects the air flow to keep the clipping directly in front of the cutting edge. The longer the clippings remain in front of the cutting edge, the finer the size of the clipping.
Oregon is a world leader in mower blade manufacturing. Our patented Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 blades redirect the airflow allowing the grass clippings to be cut into small pieces. They will allow mowers not equipped with a mulching blade to reduce the volume of blade clippings and will reduce your fall leaf cleanup time.
Product Description. Oregon is a world leader in mower blade manufacturing. Blades are made to a 26 pt. Quality checklist that insures our blades meet exacting . : Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 HiLift Blade For 48-Inch John. Oregon 91-447 John Deere and Scotts Replacement Lawn Mower Blade 16.20".
The high lift blade angles increase air flow, which pushes debris up and out for. . Oregon Gator G3 96-677 is your go-to lawn mower blade in all conditions .
4PK Craftsman 46" Riding Lawn Mower Gator Style Mulching Blades 405380 403107. $42.99. BLADES. HIGH GRADE STEEL.. Lift: Extra High Lift. Center .
Gator Blades are one of the highest-quality, best-performing, and longest-lasting mulching blades on the market today. The high air lift of each blade pulls the .
I like the mulching a bit better then the high lift although I think we. Run the Oregon Gator Mulch blades on walk behind and ride on mowers.

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