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Hot Tub Chemical Alternatives

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Hot Tub Chemical Alternatives

What Are The Best Alternative Hot Tub Sanitizers? Chemical odor. This is probably the most common reason you'd choose to go the alternative route with your hot tub sanitizer. Bleaching. Excessive exposure to chlorine can start to discolor bathing suits and even hair. Chemical sensitivity.
Reducing spa chemicals is our specialty. Let us safely get you into healthier water today.
If you're currently using a conventional spa sanitizer such as bromine, and are happy with it, we won't suggest a change. But for those looking for an odor-free, .
Hot tubs or spas can be used for relaxing, parties, even physical therapy. But sitting water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms that .
So, the question should be reframed to, "are there effective skin and health friendly alternatives to using chlorine or bromine in keeping a hot tub sanitized?".
The need for an alternative to chlorine for hot tubs, was not fully understood when the first domestic hot tubs appeared on the North American market in the .

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