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Hot Tub Cover Locking Clips

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Hot Tub Cover Locking Clips : 4 Set Spa Hot Tub Cover Broken Latch Repair Kit have Slot – Replace Latches Clip Lock with Keys and Hardwares : Garden & Outdoor.
YYST 4 Spa Hot Tub Cover latch Broken Latch Repair Kit repair Clip Lock with. XJunion 2pcs Adjustable Hot Tub Spa Cover Secure Straps -with Non-Slip Pad .
Fully compatible with our hot tub covers. One side of the clip can be attached to a strap on the cover, while the other side can be attached to the hot tub. Hardware necessary for installation is included. A key safety device that can be locked to keep your hot tub secure.
How to replace the locking cover clips on spa and hot tub covers. Spa cover locks break after many years. 3 methods to replace broken spa cover clips.
Spa cover clips are plastic and can break. They are sewn onto the locking straps of the spa cover. The left picture above shows how the clip looks attached to the vinyl spa cover strap. The right picture shows the clip that has been modified to use to repair a broken clip.
A Universal set of 4 Hot Tub cover clips complete with screws and key. Can be used and adapted to fit any Hot Tub cover. Perfect for keeping the Kids from .
You are bidding on 5 locks with keys and hardware-NEW STYLE. Quantity : 5 locks ,5 keys, 10 stainless steel screws Replaces missing or broken cover latches .

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