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Hot Tub Cover Safety Clips

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Hot Tub Cover Safety Clips

Made of hard, durable plastic to withstand harsh temperatures and everyday wear and tear. Fully compatible with our hot tub covers. One side of the clip can be attached to a strap on the cover, while the other side can be attached to the hot tub.. A key safety device that can be locked to keep your hot tub secure.
Replacement cover locks. This kit comes with four locks with clips, two keys, and screws for installation. In black, each set assists with ensuring your hot tub's .
YYST 4 Spa Hot Tub Cover latch Broken Latch Repair Kit repair Clip Lock with. . locks as we have smaller kids in the neighborhood so a nice safety feature.
Hot Tub Cover Strap Broken Clip Repair How to Video.
This video is about Spa Hot Tub Cover Broken Clips for Latches. If you get a broken clip on the coverside.
Available at
Cover Safe clips, locking repair for broken spa cover straps. Repair without the expense.
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( )
How to replace the locking cover clips on spa and hot tub covers.. Only when straps are taut do they offer real safety protection for children and guard against .
A simple practice of latching the spa cover clips, and keeping your spa covered when it's not being watched will keep your spa safe. I have a small sign near the  .

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