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Hot Tub Non Chlorine Shock Treatment

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Hot Tub Non Chlorine Shock Treatment

. of oxidizers used for spa shock treatments – Sodium DiChlor (chlorine granules) or MPS – Monopersulfate (chlorine free). WHY SHOCK SPAS & HOT TUBS?
A nonchlorine based oxidation product, designed for swimming pools and hot tubs to provide effective periodic shock treatment. This isn't chlorine or bromine .
Happy Hot Tubs 1kg NonChlorine Shock should be used to prevent your hot tub water from deteriorating.. NonChlorine shock oxidises and removes organic contamination from water without increasing chlorine levels. Nonchlorine shock is the ideal shock for chlorinated or brominated water.
Shocking a hot tub spa is the application of an ample dose of chlorine (sodium dichlor) or nonchlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate or MPS). One purpose of this treatment is to break-down organic waste contaminants which cause odor and cloudy water.
What Is NonChlorine Spa Shock.. Hot Tub Spas are treated with sanitizers to protect bathers from harmful pathogens, but sanitizing alone is not enough.
Non Chlorine Shock can be used to shock dose (oxidise) your hot tub or swimming pool weekly or fortnightly. Add to destroy odours and wastes such as .

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