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Hot Tub Pump Union Leaking

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Hot Tub Pump Union Leaking

A tutorial showing how to fix a pump or heater union leak in an Arctic Spa, but can be applied to other hot tub brands too, usually.
BTW anyone is welcome to gift me a brand new 10K hot tub.. Images below: A similar pump, the white fitting on top is the one leaking:. .. Also, we quite often see a union that will drip slightly untill the spa heats up, then it .
If your spa or hot tub pump is leaking – it's going to be coming from one of these. A spa union is a 3-part connector, with two halves – and a large ring or nut to .
If the hot tub pump is leaking, it can quickly deteriorate and burn out the motor.. If the leak is not at the union but between the wet end and the pump motor : 2" Spa Hot Tub Pump Heater Union Gasket : Garden & Outdoor.. stopped the leak on my hot tub. Read more. Helpful · Comment Report abuse.

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